The EXPLORERS programme includes the development of up to six co-commissions with partners and collaborators. Partner organisations may be supported by additional and bespoke ‘encounter’ events and new ways of commissioning artists and content that references neurodiversity as part of their main artistic and curatorial programmes. Art that references the experience of people who have complex needs is rarely exhibited or featured in the main curatorial programmes of galleries. There may be many human, social and cultural reasons for this. Through collaborative action we will explore these questions and promote a range of possible artistic outcomes for all involved that effect attitudinal and cultural change.


“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.” — John Muir.

The mass, verticality, sound and wild of forests taps into deep human memory and myth. Forests once covered the earth and as they began to disappear we emerged into the wide open savannahs and consequently developed complex emotional responses such as fear, flight, fight. How does a person who has unknowable ways of being in and seeing the world experience deep forest? Wilderness, for someone with complex sensory impairments, is the high street on a Saturday morning. A wild and quiet forest clearing may feel like home?

The Forest Investigation is a new film, sound and installation that Project Art Works will produce and show in Tate Liverpool and other sites during 2019. Led by artists Kate Adams, Tim Corrigan and Ben Rivers, the work will increase awareness about forests and access to forests:  their beauty, and phenomenology. It will also provide an intimate portrait of relationships and a journey into unknown spaces and experience.

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