EXPLORERS 2019 goes on tour to leading art galleries in the UK and Australia with a programme of film, exhibition and workshops that challenge and enhance representation in curatorial programming.

EXPLORERS is a series of inclusive cultural actions and partnerships nationally and internationally over three years culminating in a year-long programme of exhibitions, installations and new cultural commissioning models that place neurodiverse communities, artists and makers at the heart of civic and cultural life.


The 2019 EXPLORERS programme launches with Illuminating the Wilderness a new film and installation by Kate Adams and Timothy Corrigan. This work made in collaboration with artists Ben Rivers, Margaret Salmon and Project Art Works’ artists and makers, reveals time spent together investigating a remote Scottish glen in collaboration with a group of people who are highly sensitive to the sensory stimuli of the world around them. The expedition unfolds in and around the landscape and weather systems of the mountains revealing the subtle fluidity of roles and interactions between this unique and itinerant community and the environment.

Neurodiverse perceptions of ‘wilderness’ provide a metaphor for discourse on cultural inclusion that is central to the wider EXPLORERS programme of attitudinal change through art. 


Six co-commissions with partners and collaborators have been developed through two years of collaborative working, awareness raising and ‘encounter’ events, sharing knowledge and encouraging new ways of commissioning artists and content that reflects and presents neurodiverse perceptions of the world in mainstream curatorial programmes. Art that references the experience of people who have complex needs is rarely exhibited or featured in the main curatorial programmes of galleries. There may be many human, social and cultural reasons for this. EXPLORERS 2019is a year-long celebration of diverse ways of experiencing and being in the world that will leave a legacy of newly engaged audiences artists and attitudinal and cultural change.

EXPLORERS 2019will unfold in stark contrast to the devastating impact of cuts on the lives of thousands of disabled children, young people and adults and their families and carers in the UK. Project Art Works are supporting the cultural sector to understand and connect with members of their audiences and communities who experience social and cultural marginalisation and conversely the social care sector to experience the range and depth of cultural programming that is on offer and that might enhance their lives.

Quote from Kate Adams

“Through EXPLORERS we have worked to increase the visibility and representation of people with disability in culture. Why is this important? Because art is enriched by diverse voices and artists, organisations and institutions have a critical role to play in social cohesion. The people and organisations involved in the work have been extraordinary and have fully embraced the relationships that have emerged through collaborative working. Relationships that will endure long after the EXPLORERS programme – nurturing and promoting art that truly reflects different ways of living in and experiencing the world.”

The programme:

February/March – Illuminating the Wilderness(1) the Project Art Works EXPLORERS film opens at MK Gallery in The Lie Of The Land the inaugural exhibition of their new building and gallery 
April- Tate Liverpool Gallery 4 – Illuminating the Wilderness(2) installation and exhibition as workshop actions
April - September- Inclusive Photography Clubs at Photoworks 
July-August – Fabrica, Brighton; Co-commission exhibition 
September-January- De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea; Mikhail Karikis Co-commission exhibition 
October UNSW / Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Illuminating the Wilderness (3) exhibition and workshops
November onwards – Photoworks launch of Co-commission outputs
November Explorers 2019 Conference (location TBC)
December –Autograph solo exhibition with a person with complex need

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