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Tate Exchange, Liverpool

Tate Liverpool is an executive non-departmental public body and an exempt charity. Its mission is to increase the public’s enjoyment and understanding of British art from the 16th century to the present day and of international modern and contemporary art

Tate Exchange, Tate Liverpool 28 August – 3 September 2017

For a week at the end of August 2017 Project Art Works took over the Tate Exchange space in Tate Liverpool. Project Art Works created an installation in which visitors could learn about what we do and take part in conversations about subjects relevant to people with complex needs. We projected films from our archive and offered interactions with people who came into the space.

A series of tree portraits were made by the Tate Exchange visitors over the week and are being made into a short animation. Throughout the duration of the installation we had 973 visitors including a number of families with children who had complex needs.

Tate Exchange Awareness, August 2017

During the Tate Exchange Installation, we led 6 workshops over 3 days for local neurodiverse participants in the Tate Clore Learning Studio  with a live film link directly into the Exchange space. We worked with 41 participants from 11 organisations including 2 we had worked with in previous encounters while working with FACT in Liverpool in 2012 and 2015. After the workshops we installed Peter Hudson’s installation In Colour (see the Fabrica co-commission) in the Clore Studio enabling visitors a further immersive interactive opportunity. We also ran a short Awareness Raising session for Tate staff, which took place in the Exchange space and was attended by 14 staff members.


[on the Tate Exchange exhibition] “…Our brief chat was both interesting and thought -provoking to me and reading the various articles in the Anthology, reinforced the idea of the value of art as a process. Bit like the old adage, it's not the destination that's most important but the journey to reach it. If I had taken that view on board myself, long ago, rather than seeing 'Art' as a product (through my efforts, invariably a disappointing product) then perhaps 'artistic creativity' might have been more central to my life experience... so far!   I say 'so far' as I intend to 'draw that tree' from now on : not sure what form it will take or what medium ....but I am working on it. Thanks very much for the inspiration and good luck in your ventures with Project Art Works.” - Stephen Barlow


Give my love to everyone and say thanks from all the guys. They are so proud of the work they produced and have uploaded some of it on to our website.” - Angela Myveld - Day Services Co-ordinator, Acorn Farm

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