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Autograph ABP

Autograph ABP is based in London where it runs a photography gallery and a programme of talks and educational activities. It also works internationally promoting exhibitions, events and publications concerned with photography, cultural identity, race, representation and human rights.

Autograph Awareness, June 2017

Project Art Works travelled to London for 4 days in late June 2017, to Autograph ABP for 3 days of Awareness activities. Over 2 sessions on day 1 in Autograph’s new education and learning space, 2 groups of staff heard about different models of social care, facilitating choice and the role of the artist in working with people with complex needs. They also heard about the idea of the Local Offer from Lizzy Ngotta, Inclusion and Specialist Support Team Leader and Ella Richie, Hackney Local Offer Coordinator, from Hackney Learning Trust.

Autograph Awareness, June 2017

On Days 2 and 3, small groups from Autograph travelled to Ickburgh School in Homerton and joined Project Art Works’ artists, working with students, teachers and support staff from the school in a constructed, immersive environment in the school hall. Over 4 sessions with students with a variety of different needs, the Autograph teams got to discover different approaches and ways of working, and sensitivity to need.


"What I want is to build a truly inclusive organisation - this becomes a practical thing."

"It felt like there was a space to allow things to evolve."

"Exploration is important for them."

"Interesting experience in communication."


"A really positive experience - not feeling like you have to rush into it."

"A really different type of pacing - the way you approach working with an individual."

"Learned a lot watching."

Coming up next...

4 & 11 November - Installation at Autograph ABP

9 November - Seminar at Autograph ABP

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