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16 March - 26 May, 2019 

lluminating the Wildernessis a new work made by Project Art Works’ artists Kate Adams and Tim Corrigan, in collaboration with artists Ben Rivers, Margaret Salmon, and Project Art Works’ artists and makers, their families and support teams. The film follows the shared experience of days spent together investigating a remote Scottish glen, as well as the pleasures and challenges of neurodiverse responses to the landscape. The explorers stay in lodges among trees and venture out to find a small island. They travel about in a convoy of 4×4 vehicles and share a night in a remote bothy under a crisp night sky. This gives way to torrential rain during the early morning retreat back to base. Moments of humour and tender consideration for each other are revealed as the film unfolds in and around the landscape and weather systems of the mountains.

The film will be part of an exhibition The Lie of the Land at MK Gallery opening in March 2019. The exhibition will celebrate the opening for a brand new building for the gallery.

MK Gallery are one of the partners of the EXPLORERS Project, a three year programme of inclusive cultural actions and partnerships nationally and internationally over three years culminating in a year-long programme of exhibitions, installations and new cultural commissioning models that place neurodiverse communities, artists and makers at the heart of civic and cultural life.

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The Story so far

MK Gallery visit Tate Exchange in Liverpool, September 2018


Bethany Mitchell, Curator of Inclusion at MK Gallery, and five Artist Associates joined Project Art Works artist team for 3 days of workshops with social care organisations at Tate Liverpool.

Awareness Day, May 2018

Bethany Mitchell, Curator of inclusion at MK Gallery and four Artist Associates joined us at Project Art Works for an Awareness/Encounter day.


Positive Behaviour Support, May 2018

Bethany Mitchell and three Artist Associates joined us at Project Art Works for a Positive Behaviour Support workshop with John Shepherd involving other artists and members of the Peer Support Network.

Explorers/Art & Us, December, 2018

As part of a wider MK Gallery Art & Us programme the EXPLORERS team from Project Art Works host an Encounters with MK Gallery staff taking place at Slated Row School in Milton Keynes.